Study Claims Flu Causes Heart Attacks, Actually Influenza Injection Component (Mercury) Triggers Heart Attacks, NOT the flu.

Influenza injection component triggers heart attacks, NOT the flu.
The flu vaccine has had a lot of unfavorable press this year, as well as appropriately so.

The substantial break out of severe flu this yeas has forced the manufacturers of the flu vaccination to confess that it is just efficient just 10% of the time, as well as the risks of actually receiving the influenza vaccine have been put under the microscope.

Obviously, physicians who advertise the influenza injection don’t desire you tho assume that it threatens, the pharmaceutical market makes billions of bucks a year marketing the influenza vaccination, and also don’t appear as well worried at the fact that it doesn’t function most of the moment.

A study was released in favor of the flu injection, which pitched the misconception that the flu creates heart attacks. Published by the Medical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) in Ontario, Canada, the study noted that people that were confessed to the health center with influenza were more likely to endure a cardiovascular disease.

The evidence is aiming to suggest that having the flu means that you are most likely to have a cardiovascular disease, so you should probably get the flu shot, right?

Quartz reported:

” Researchers wished to compare the rates of cardiovascular disease within a week of obtaining an influenza medical diagnosis to the control price of cardiac arrest within a nearly two-year period. There were 20 circumstances of cardiac arrest in the seven-day duration after a confirmed case of the influenza. The other 344 cardiovascular disease happened at a price of approximately 3.3 weekly. This led researchers to the verdict that a flu medical diagnosis raised the risk of having a heart attack by an element of 6.”

But just what the research cannot mention is that a person of the components in the influenza vaccination is really understood to cause warm assaults– mercury.

Mercury is one of the unpleasant active ingredients found in the flu vaccination that wellness bodies prefer to you really did not understand about.

Mercury is a heavy metal, which bioaccumulates in the body, creating extreme issues, such as heart attacks. You need to actually be doing your ideal to lower the quantity of mercury you have inside your body, not voluntarily infuse it straight into your bloodstream.

Scientific research Daily released this post entitled “Mercury Ups Heart Problem Risk.”, and also a similar post by Newsmax, “Mercury Adds To Heart Failure.”

Huge Pharma do not want you to believe that their injection is the trouble, but the facts are all there.


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