72-Year-Old Grandmother Fatally Shot As SWAT Arrested Her Son For Marijuana

Unfortunately for this happy, church-going grandmother, she lived in a state where police are willing to kill people because of plants.

Police officers fatally shot a 72-year-old Oklahoma grandmother in her own home while searching for her son because he allegedly had a plant that is still illegal in Oklahoma.

Police say Geraldine Townsend, 72, was fatally shot after firing a pellet gun at a Bartlesville SWAT team with  warrant for her son, Michael Anthony Livingston, 50, over the sale of marijuana, reported Tulsa World.

Because of insane police responses to a ridiculous law making a plant illegal, Livingston is in jail, and his mother is dead.

Four Bartlesville cops were arresting Livingston Wednesday night when they heard a soft popping sound. Officers say that sound was the elderly woman with a pellet gun, and she hit one officer in the leg and another in the face.

The officer who was hit in the face, then decided to shoot Townsend in the upper torso.

“At this point, it appears he fired one round,” Hastings said.

She was taken to the hospital, where she died.

Her family said she was a happy person who loved her family and going to church. She leaves behind several children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Hastings tried to justify the killing, suggesting they are just as dangerous as actual guns, which is an obvious lie.

“The replica pellet guns are just as dangerous as the real guns,” said Hastings.


No further details are being released at this time and the investigation of the shooting has now been turned over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

The officer who shot Townsend is on paid administrative leave until the DA decides that the officer will not face charges.


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